Shared Call Center

Several surveys and anecdotal evidences have shown that prospective clients and existing customers are likely to be more satisfied,continue to give business and even recommend those businesses which are easy to reach out to

Shared Call Center

Hire a Dedicated Inbound Calling Agent

This is an arrangement where the service provider allocates a dedicated full time staff as the client’s Customer Service Agent or Calling Agent to receive inbound calls, reply to emails, web chat management etc. A fixed amount is invoiced to the client every month.

Shared Customer Service Center

In this arrangement one customer service agent is assigned tasks of multiple clients. So the telecaller’s time is shared amongst several clients. This is an effective way of reducing costs particularly when the volumen of calls or end customer interactions is low. Several payment models are prevelant, such as pay per minute or number of calls or a fixed amount.

Benefits of a Shared Call Center Service

  • Significantly lower cost compared to an in-house call center or outsourced dedicated full-time hire.
  • Pay only for the time or services used.
  • Flexible scalability allowing the clients to increase or decrease the number of hours or calls serviced.
  • Provide training only once to our Project Manager, who handles the underlying customer service agent.