B2B Support

At CALL BOX BPO we help businesses find resources to complement their core strengths with a focus on Sales process outsourcing, Customer Service, and IT Services. With our help companies can scale operations faster, with the right level of efficiency, flexibility, and quality.

Making more sales means cultivating an effective sales team that understand your brand, products, and mission. With every call, we add value by increasing conversion ratios, revenues, customer satisfaction, whether it is inbound sales, outbound sales, cross-selling or up-selling.

We strive to provide solutions to our customer for all their needs, including IT Support and Services. We offer customer software development services, and rely on a performance based mindset. Our software life cycle and support processes are well defined and are used to generate continual data that is analyzed to maximize project efficiency. Find out today how CALL BOX BPO can help set up your own dedicated technology hub.


SDR’s (Sales Development Representatives)

AE’s (Account Executives)

CXR’s (Customer Experience Representatives)

Technical Support Agents

IT Developer/Network Engineer

Systems Engineering Managers